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Design, Wordpress Theming, CSS

The goal for EnergyBurrito was to create an energy commodity blog that was fun and entertaining for readers. The concept shown here was a direct play on the title of the blog and the tone of the posts. Monkeyfoot wanted to create a tex-mex environment for the blog that was unexpected to readers. The rough textures and food elements told the reader to expect something different than your typical corporate blog. Matt Smith, the blogger, has an incredible knack for making the subject matter tangible and fun. Ultimately the design you see here was toned down to the version you see on the live site and in the attached gallery below. We still incorporated some fun elements that gave the blog a unique design while still appealing to a wider audience.

About EnergyBurrito

»Why Energy Burrito? The author of this blog believes that financial markets are a living breathing microcosm of many moving parts, and that each part is connected, and influences each other. Energy Burrito is a way of taking all these market ingredients – equities, currencies, bonds, commodities, economic data – and dicing them up to see how they effect what is most relevant to Summit Energy’s core business: energy. The goal of Energy Burrito is to serve you with something appetizing, and also enjoyable; so get stuck in (= ‘indulge yourself’ in Brit lingo) and enjoy.