Usability, Design, CSS

Monkeyfoot worked with GroupTable to update the interface for their online tool for group projects and collaboration. Focused on serving students, the tool needed to have a fresh look to engage the users in something fun and useful. Monkeyfoot relied on real world textures and objects to create a unique interface and utilized colors as a way to focus the users' attention on specific content areas.

About GroupTable

Many of today’s students are busy with work, participating in organizations, and keeping up with an active social life, all while taking a full course load of classes. Getting all group members together for study groups, group projects or student organization meetings can be very challenging. Keeping group members connected and productive between group meetings is equally difficult. GroupTable was launched in Orlando, Florida during February 2008 to solve this problem.

GroupTable is an easy to use collaboration software that helps you manage group projects, study groups, and all of the other groups of your life.