Summit Energy


Design, Illustration



Through the years of working with Summit Energy, Monkeyfoot has created many custom illustrations for presentations and marketing materials. Many times, stock photography doesn't quite match up with the brand or doesn't convey the subject as clearly. Monkeyfoot's team of designers are quite good with the Photoshops and might even be called "artists" in some circles.... but don't tell them that. They prefer not to associate with that type of riffraff.

Btw, all of the images presented here are illustrations created layer by layer in Photoshop. No photography was harmed in the creation of these.

About Summit Energy

»Summit Energy provides energy management and sustainability services for businesses in a wide range of industries. Summit manages more than $20 billion in annualized energy spend for more than 650 clients and thousands of facilities worldwide. Summit leads companies to cost-effective strategies by providing energy procurement, sustainability consulting, energy efficiency, energy risk management, and rate analysis and demand response services. Headquartered in Louisville, Ky., with a team of more than 350 employees, Summit has additional offices in the United States, as well as in Europe and Mexico.