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People often discuss the challenges of designers working with developers – developers working with usability experts – usability experts working with seo – etc. Each of these conflicts can lead to a subpar website if not resolved.

We’ve all seen websites that functioned well, but were seriously lacking better design… remember We’ve also encountered websites and blogs filled with links to help get them ranked on search engines while sacrificing content integrity. Lastly, we’ve all found that beautiful flash site that we could look at for hours, but still have no idea how to find the information we went there to find. These are common place and most sites fall into one of these categories. Even our own site fails in some of these areas.

In order to help you visualize the predicament, we’ve put together a venn diagram that shows the different skills and their overlap.

As you see in the diagram, there is a utopia that can be achieved through perfect harmony of the 4 skills. But similar to getting your order right in the drive through, this is rare. It requires people in each of these areas of expertise to trust the judgement of the others and respect their role in the process.

This diagram is not meant to indicate that it takes 4 people to build any site. Many experienced individuals contain multiple qualities from this diagram. Many developers understand SEO and development and a lot of designers understand both usability and design. But it’s extremely rare to come across an individual that can do all 4 successfully. A lot of people think they can, but the reality is that each area is changing drastically on a day to day basis that if they were to try to keep up, then they wouldn’t have time to work on your project.

So how can you achieve interactive project utopia? Hire people that respect and value people with other skillsets. Here, our team members love input from different departments and strive for that utopia on each project. We understand the compromise required from each of us when working towards that goal. We don’t hire interactive divas that consider us lucky for the opportunity to work with them. We hire experienced craftsmen that understand their place in the process and strive for perfection on every project.



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