Ding! is a beautifully simple app that lets you painlessly create multiple timers. Whether you’re managing crops in the latest online farm-sim, or preparing an exquisite 5 course meal for 50, Ding! is here to help.

Unlike the ‘other’ timers out there, Ding! is focused on just one thing: simplicity. No ads, no extraneous features, no fluff, just simple Monkeyfoot elegance.

If you have any problems, comments or suggestions, you can reach us at ding@monkeyfoot.com.

Oct 12 2011 – *** iOS 5 Update ***

In order to get your alerts when not inside the Ding! app, you need to turn on notifications for the app. Go to the preferences app and touch “notifications”. As you scroll down you’ll see Ding! listed under the “Not in Notification Center” header. Select Ding! and turn Notification Center to “on”, then select your alert style *banner or alerts” and then turn Sounds and View in Lock Screen “on”.

Oct 4 2011 – Update Available!!!

The new update, version 1.1, is live and available for download. New in this version:

  • Added a switch to the dial to flick between seconds and minutes
  • Added a “DING” sound when the app is in the foreground (duh!)
  • Added other sound effects and minor bug fixes

We’re currently working on adding a “Ding!” sound while the user is viewing the app, but we’re limited to the functionality of the OS for the alert sound while outside of the app. Another big improvement on the way is the ability to switch between seconds and minutes on the dial.