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Product Explorer

Corteva launched in 2019 in what can be considered a 20,000 employee start-up.  Because of the nature of how the company was created and its long history prior to 2019, there was not an expansive intranet to help communicate information throughout the org.  Each department (HR, Accounting, Business Units, etc) had their own various sites

EA Review Process

Corteva’s Enterprise Architecture Leader approached me to design a self-serve portal for the software review process.  Like most corporate EA departments, Corteva requires new software purchases to go through a rigorous review to ensure there’s not any security or privacy concerns, and to simply make sure it’s not redundant to other software in the org.

Fonts Education

In early 2020 I was given the responsibility of font governance for the organization based on my previous experiences in this area.  With a global staff of more than 20,000 individuals and a digital product count of approximately 1000, it was a large task.  I was responsible for working with the font foundries to negotiate

Internal Communications

For the first 3 years as its own company, Corteva IT was sending internal newsletters and communications through individual outlook accounts.  No tracking or metrics, and the emails were designed in Microsoft Word or just included an image pasted somewhere in the content of the email.  With a long history in email marketing, and a

UX Icons

Building a new discipline in an organization requires a substantial amount of assets for presentations and other materials.  Although I was beginning to build out a team, I did not have illustration specialists and it fell to me to source stock illustrations or create them myself.  I decided on the latter and produced a large

Operating Model Illustration

With the launch of a new company, Corteva, comes a new operating model.  I was asked to create an engaging graphic that would convey the IT op model in a memorable way.  I chose a floating earth style with each segment of IT represented as one of our seed products.

UX Hub

In 2019, Corteva launched with a small group of independent UX individuals and no centralized department or center of excellence.  I was tasked with changing that.  Among the numerous materials, presentations, and other items I created, I also put together a UX Hub that would be build on Sharepoint.  This concept was so well accepted

SeedPro Redesign

With a new design system in place, I applied the new elements and styles I created to one of Corteva’s core digital products, SeedPro.  The goal was to update the interface to align with the new brand, and to provide a number of updates based on my team’s UX Research initiatives.  Due to the private

Pioneer eCommerce

Corteva’s largest seed brand, Pioneer, was looking to build an e-commerce platform for selling product.  The seed sales are not your typical small bag of seed you’d pick up at the local store.  The scale of these sales is $10k-100k.  These sales are typically done through a sales rep in conjunction with an agronomist.  The

Atlas Concept 4

As an exploration of the new Corteva brand in 2019, I created a number of different interface designs in an effort to find the style that best represented the organization and its future.  The project was titled “Atlas” to convey the direction of our brand in future products. At this point I was beginning to

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