Resource Advisor 2020


Schneider Electric




UX Design & Research, Usability

Different Perspective on Energy Management

The Schneider Electric Resource Advisor Application allows users to monitor their energy data globally.  From basic electric power and natural gas futures, to sustainability reporting and custom data entry.

I originally designed the interface for this application about 12-13 years ago when it was called DashboardView and owned by Summit Energy.  Since that time period, I’ve been tasked each year with adding additional reports and functionality, but the basic framework has remained the same.  In the beginning of 2019 I was contacted to start over and implement standard 2019 UX best practices and usability research to the platform.

The challenge I put forth was to design a dashboard that does not look like every other dashboard in the market.  This requires bending a few rules and creating new ways of grouping and displaying data that the application has not done before.