Power Macintosh 7200


Monkeyfoot (self)


2020 (covid-times)


UX Design, Illustration

Back in my day...

My first professional computer was a Power Mac 7200.  It cost me a fortune, but allowed me to skip the computer lab and get my projects done at home and on a more powerful machine.  In today’s terms, it’s slightly more powerful than a calculator.  Definitely less powerful than an iPhone.  However, it opened Photoshop (3.5 at the time) and I was able to explore the world of graphic design and create my first professional website by 1995.

This mockup was something fun to see what it would be like to market that computer using today’s techniques.  After pulling all my assets, I gave myself 2 hours to pull everything together and hit save.  If I had not limited myself, I’m certain I would have spent days or weeks building this out.  A designer’s work is never finished… they just hit the deadline.