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UX Design, Usability, Illustration, SEO Strategy

Green Positioning System

Summit Energy was struggling to improve their SEO rankings within the sustainability management space.  I proposed building an SEO site, but we agreed that this would only be acceptable if the site contained useful content to visitors and didn’t use hidden SEO tricks like white text on a white background.   I designed the site around 10 specific sustainability keywords they were targeting and was build to educate a user from the beginning of the process to the end. I also used the projects as a way to educate the client on how different users navigate websites.  I put together 3 distinct methods: basic keyword navigation, question & answer navigation, and a “just browsing” navigation.   The basic keyword navigation works like most menus and nav bars we see around the web.  The Q&A navigation assumed the user doesn’t know what the general navigation keywords meant and sought to help them by presenting the questions they might be asking.  Lastly, the “just browsing” navigation gave the user a sliding scale from novice to advanced and dropped them into the content in the place they thought they fit best.